Sunday, March 4, 2012

La Rêveuse & Jeffrey Thompson Coming to Town March 23

La Rêveuse & Jeffrey Thompson
You won't want to miss our next concert: the talented young French group La Rêveuse, teaming up with American tenor Jeffrey Thompson, to present a program  of songs by Lambert and Charpentier for the unique sound of the French haute-contre (high tenor) voice. Instrumental music of the period utilizing the viola da gamba, lute, and harpsichord will fill out the program and help establish the atmosphere.

Wikipedia has a nice article on Marc-Antoine Charpentier (1643 – 24 February 1704), along with a recently discovered portrait that is presumed to be of him. As a piece of trivia, Wikipedia points out that the prelude to his Te Deum, H. 146, a rondeau, is well-known as the signature tune for the European Broadcasting Union, heard in the opening credits of the Vienna New Year's Concert, the Eurovision Song Contest and other Eurovision events. This theme was also the intro to "The Olympiad" films of Bud Greenspan.

Information on Michel Lambert (1610 – 29 June 1696) is more sparse. He was a French singing master, theorbist and composer. Most importantly, his vocal works have been attributed to the creation of the French opera.

Saint James by the Sea is the ideal venue for an ensemble of this size. I've been sitting in the back most of the time these days—I seem to have become our latest ticket-taker—and have been favorably impressed with how well the sound carries all the way back there.

For more information on the concert and how to buy tickets, visit our web site.

— Kemer

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