Thursday, March 22, 2012

La Rêveuse in Town

La Rêveuse preparing to practice, while trying to ignore
some especially fine San Diego weather
It was time to pick up the musicians of La Rêveuse! I doubted that any musician would be crazy enough to pack a theorbo, especially for a third of the way around the globe—and then back-and-forth across the continent. Given that, transportation of three musicians, along with their baggage, shouldn't pose too much of a problem. Imagine my concern when I met the performers at the airport, only to see a large theorbo case, in addition to a not-so-small viola da gamba case!

Fortunately, theorbo player Benjamin Perrot is quite the expert in packing, and also the three with me—Florence, Benjamin, and Jeffrey—were not afraid of cramped spaces. We managed to make it home without problems.

I especially enjoy introducing musicians to San Diego, and the recent weather is cooperating very nicely. Florence wondered if weather was always like this. No, sometimes it is better. (We can ignore the weekend storm that dumped an inch of rain on us as an aberration.)

They have cooked up a surprise for us Friday night; I bound by an oath to not reveal it under any circumstance. Except to say, I can't wait. This is a nicely formed group: theorbo, viola da gamba, and harpsichord backing up the singer. Just to be clear: it's not all singing, you will have a chance to hear each of the instruments solo. It's not too late to order your tickets online.


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