Monday, April 20, 2009

Another raving review....

The Chicago Tribune is also raving (and again on the same program the Mosaiques will perform here on Thursday) :

"... for much of its 24-year history, the Vienna-based Mosaïques set new standards not only for proficiency but also probity and poetry.
Friday's performances made up the most satisfying exploration of Viennese classicism I heard in nearly half a century."

The complete review by Alan G. Artner can be found here

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Doug said...

The Concert was amazing! I also cannot believe all of the coincidences. We saw the play Opus at the Old Globe on Wednesday night about a fictional string quartet. On Thursday we heard the very real Quatuor Mosaïques. The viola player was born in Lienz, Austria where I was an exchange student in 1964. The cellist was born in Caen, France near the birthplace of my wife in Normandy. The music took me back to the beautiful Dolomites that surround Lienz. What a wonderful treat!!!