Friday, May 30, 2008

A wintry weekend on Mount Palomar

It was indeed a dark and stormy night as early musicians inched their way up South Grade Road towards the Mount Palomar sixth-grade camp last Friday. Rain, sleet and swirling fog made driving a challenge - and we were all relieved that everyone arrived without mishap.
Despite the fact that enrollment was slightly down this year, classes and activities were as enjoyable as ever. Our two new faculty members, viol players Rebekah Ahrendt and John Mark Rozendaal, were well received, and we welcomed return visits from Mark Davenport, Inga Funck, and of course Janet Beazley. Steve made T-shirts and tote bags which were eagerly snapped up, musical instruments changed hands, and CDs and sheet music were offered for sale.
The Grand Consort and Third Annual Crumhorn Conclave were the highlights of Saturday evening, and we were treated to a wonderful faculty concert on Sunday. But of course, every workshop has its little vignettes which stay in the mind long after the event is over - mine will be the sound of Laury Flora standing outside playing "reveille" on the cornetto at 7:30 on Sunday morning . . .
I was interested but not particularly surprised to discover on my return to San Diego that the temperatures for that weekend were some of the coldest ever recorded in May. I think we all experienced a new-found appreciation for the fact that the cabins are warm, hot water for showers is plentiful and hot beverages are in constant supply!
Next year, the workshop will revert to the weekend prior to Memorial Day (May 15-17). The theme will be the music of Spain and Portugal - and you are advised to bring shorts, sunglasses and mosquito repellent . . .

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