Sunday, April 6, 2008

Artistic Director Laurent Planchon in the Spotlight

San Diego's Union Tribune newspaper featured an article by music critic Valerie Scher about SDEMS artistic director Laurent Planchon in today's paper. The focus of this article is Laurent's "moonlighting" in producing solo harpsichord recitals. We have, in fact, hosted many of the the World's top harpsichordists here in San Diego, including probably of the two top young rising stars today: Mahan Esfahani and Benjamin Alard.

As the article mentions, Laurent has been coordinating about three concerts per year. The final one for this season is will be by a personal favorite of mine, Laurent Stewart. While Stewart is not particularly well known in North America, this will be his third concert in San Diego. Seats for that recital are filling up fast and it looks like we will have a full house: literally.

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