Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Transformation of Media

Welcome to the first entry for the San Diego Early Music Society's new blog! Like music organizations around the World, SDEMS is discovering that the Internet provides an ideal medium for getting the word out—a better way that saves not only in wasted paper, but in the cost of mailing newsletters that are often merely glanced at before seeing the trash heap! The ones and zeros of the Digital Age are replacing paper media everywhere, redefining the venerable newspaper and magazine. And so, it is our intent to replace our newsletter with this blog.

Actually, moving to the blog format is a natural progression. We retired the newsletter in its paper form last year; instead, we posted PDF versions of the newsletter on our web site. This really was redundant in the truest sense of the word: posting one electronic digest on another. Furthermore, newsletters take a great deal of work to create, yet circumstantial evidence suggests that they are infrequently read. Blogs encourage us to produce a steady stream of smaller articles, lessening the editorial burden, and also encourage readers to give us feedback. Rather than redundantly overlaying our excellent web site, which can be counted on to provide up-to-date information about the organization and upcoming programs, the blog format is ideally suited to providing a different perspective: reviews, commentary, observations, and experiences that we feel may be of interest to the local early music community. Ultimately, we hope that this new medium will help foster interest, grow the community, and contribute to the success of our remarkable organization.

Kemer Thomson

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